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    TF'er going more primal

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    Howdy all:

    We've been pretty involved in Traditional Foods for over a year now, but I am leaning towards going more Primal. My daughter has issues with soy, gluten and some dairy so we've pretty much already cut those out. I think it will be a pretty easy transition with the exception of nuts and fruit. I keep a lot of those on hand (and in purse) for my toddler and I tend to snack on them with her. I'm not sure what to replace them with. Can anyone suggest more Primal snacks that are grab and go?


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    Hi. I came from a TF 'background', too.

    I've been primal for almost two months, so I'll do my best to guide you but a more 'verteran' primal might jump in with more info.
    -The nuts should be fine. (*if* you are trying to loose weight, just limit your intake)
    -I think Fruit is primal, too, but in smaller proportions (for anyone trying to loose weight...I don't really limit my children).
    -I like to grab carrots or bell peppers if we're running out the door...uncut, they don't have to be eaten right away and you can just take bites from them.
    -Sometimes I'll even put a whole avocado in my's a little messy, but I've peeled it and we've eaten bites off until we're left with the seed.
    -Bacon, beef jerky, pemmican all travel just fine for a day (or more for the last two).
    -natural fruit leathers (you know, just fruit and juice) could be an emergency-bottom-of-the-purse thing for her
    -I'm in love with kale chips, but buying them is pricey and they're fragile

    I'll keep boys are to the ages (7 &5) where they don't really expect, nor are they satisfied by, 'purse' snacks.

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    Hi. I came from a TF 'background', too.


    -The nuts should be fine. (*if* you are trying to loose weight, just limit your intake)
    -I think Fruit is primal, too, but in smaller proportions (for anyone trying to loose weight...I don't really limit my children).
    I agree w/ both of these points. I personally do nuts in moderation (1/4 cup or less a day--huts my stomach otherwise), and really eat unlimited amounts of fruit (anywhere from 1-3 servings for myself a day, but I'm not trying to lose weight.) I also don't limit my son's fruit intake either. And just fyi, we are gluten/dairy/corn/soy free due to my ds's intolerances, and he is also totally nut/seed, orange, chocolate, strawberry free...Primal eating is still possible (although he still eats gf grains around 3x a week--I'm working on cutting them out totally for him). I really focus on meat and veggies and good fats in our eating.

    Have you seen the primal/paleo/grain free thread in the TF forum at Here is the current one: TF really pairs nicely w/ primal (we still do bone broth, liver, lots of ferments and follow TF food prep ideas), and primal/paleo eating is about as TF as you can get IMO (what's more traditional than what our paleolithic anscestors ate?)

    As for grab and go snacks, I'll do carrot or celery sticks w/ guac (packaging the guac in a little jar.) You could also bring any dip as well. We also do jerky, hardboiled eggs, whole avocados, apples, bananas and other fruit for snacks. I'd totally do a nut/seed/dried fruit mix if my kiddo tolerated it as a snack too. You could also pre-make coconut flour muffins (google for recipes--my favorite is this one: I also just make sure to always eat b/4 we go anywhere so between meal snacks will be enough to satisfy ds, and pack meals to go if we'll be gone for lunch or dinner. (This is what I've done b/c of ds's food intolerances, so it's not a real change for us.)

    HTH! Good luck w/ the transition--I'm still working on getting ds 100% of the way there, but it has certainly simplified life by focussing our meals around meat and veggies (cutting out all the sprouting/soaking/etc that goes along w/ grain/legume prep!)

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