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Thread: What did I do wrong making these naturally fermented pickles?

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    What did I do wrong making these naturally fermented pickles?

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    from here:

    Naturally Fermented Dill Pickles | Mark's Daily Apple

    I had them in a jar for 9 days and they didn't come out like pickles just like really salty cucumbers.

    I decided to go with water, pepper, salt, and cinnamon. Is it because i didn't use dill?

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    Actual pickles are quite different from vinegar-soaked cucumbers. Have you ever had Bubbies or other naturally-fermented pickles? Also, if the temperature wasn't warm enough, you might have not gotten much fermentation action going.

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    Leaving out the dill is not going to cause a problem. Temperature is important. I find things ferment best for me if the kitchen is between 70 and 75 degrees. Also if your water is chlorinated, it can stop or slow fermentation. Trace amounts of vinegar or bleach left over from cleaning your jar maybe a problem too. I would leave it a few more days in a warm place and see if it starts to bubble.

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