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Thread: No food after workouts?

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    No food after workouts?

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    What are your thoughts of not eating after workouts, but eating a ton later in the day. I now the conventional wisdom is to eat 1hr after workouts. Any evidence that proves otherwise. Would love scientific research.

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    So all the science that I know if is in top athletes- Olympic level and such. That science clearly points to eating protein soon after workouts and also to eating frequently as having a consistent and measurable positive impact on performance; this is indisputable.

    Now, what does that mean to normal people? This is where the research is far more dodgy. Not eating before/after workouts may cause body fat reduction. However, it is also caused decreased calorie expenditure. And whether it has an effect on muscle mass in the same way it does in top athletes is an open question.

    So I think this is another one of those questions where there is not a good answer for "people." With experimentation, you can, however, find a good answer for you.
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    Here is your other identical thread from earlier today:

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