I have been in around the primal/paleo lifestyle for about 8 months now. When I stumbled upon it, I was amazed at what I found. More food, less me. Brilliant. Yet, here I am continue to struggle mightily. I actually embraced this lifestyle approach on the grounds that it made perfectly good sense. It really had nothing to do with losing weight or vanity. Every other change I have tried has always had the understanding that the only reason I was doing it was to lose weight. This was different. It was somewhat of an awakening.

The only positive I can say is that in 8 months, I have no gained weight. But I still struggle with so many things. Consistency. Energy. Pizza.

So damn frustrated and dead on my feet. Did not think I'd be dead by 38. I am so disgusted with the cycle and the process. It has been for more than half my life. I feel like I am drawing dead. My body hurts. The joins in my hips hurt. My body is now starting to rebel to the years of abuse. I am just starting to rebel period.