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    Frittata (a slow-cooked, Italian style omelette) is great cold and you can make it with almost anything that you have left in the fridge. Shredded chicken, ham, bacon bits, sliced courgettes, sliced and sauteed peppers, onions, grated parmesan all spring to mind. Beat the vbeg/meat/cheese into the eggs along with seasoning before cooking (rather than spreading over the half-cooked omelette as you normally would). Chill and slice.

    Do you eat carbs? (Thinking of your job). If so rice salads with all sorts added is nice. Or potato salad (with vinaigrette to avoid nasty mayo).

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    The romaine lettuce wraps with various meat fillings is what I normally do in a pinch or a BAS with various dressings and meat tossed in.

    I also keep various nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans and Brazil nuts usually) on hand. I buy them from TJ and oven roast them for a bit with some coconut oil, cracked pepper and fine sea salt.

    I've also plan to start making my own Jerky to have on hand for the emergency pinch...lots of recipes on here.

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    I'd like some advice on this as well. What do you guys think about adding these beef sticks to a lunch:
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    I'm thinking about a beef stick, a hard boiled egg and some raw veggies.

    I'm just nervous about the beef stick, since it is processed, although it does not have msg or nitrites. Sodium is about 340
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    I take the same thing everyday. Some sort of meat, bite-sized veggies (2-3 kinds, try to get some different colors in there), coconut oil, fish sauce, lots of cayenne pepper or sriracha. I don't have a long leisurely lunch, so it is all about getting some food in. I save my creativity for when I am eating at home.

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    I've just made a picnic for tomorrow, I have 2 egg thin omelette wrapped around ham and a little soft cheese, carrot and cucumber sticks, couple of bits of jerky and a handful of cherry tomatoes. In your position I'd have some fruit as well, and probably some nuts too.

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    I usually bring some cut up cooked meat and a baked sweet potato. Perhaps some steamed vegetables as well. Season it with whatever sounds good. Kinda boring but it does the job. I usually don't have room for much more than that. They make some nice insulated containers nowadays for bringing bowls of warm foods. I have a Thermos Lunch Jar, but I've seen even bigger Thermos lunch containers with split sections and some other container that was like an insulated bowl and came with a detachable spoon. Saw these at CVS of all places. You could put anything hot or cold in there.

    The beef sticks are probably not as healthy as bringing an actual steak.
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