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Thread: Another disservice of the health movment - using the word "fasting"

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    Another disservice of the health movment - using the word "fasting"

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    I think the health movement is doing a great disservice to the notion of what is basically not-eating-all-the-freaking-time, what is known as Intermittent Fasting, by calling it fasting.

    I'm doing Leangains now, eating in an 8 hour window, or basically just skipping breakfast. Am I FASTING? Seriously?

    When I told my mother I was doing Intermittent Fasting she almost got a heart attack (Jewish mothers....)

    The word fasting has a strong and very serious connotation and I think it's completely out of place and probably scares people off of it. I think reversing the term and calling it Intermittent Feeding Window or something similar would be not only more accurate but also more "marketable".

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    Nate Miyaki has latched onto that with his Intermittent Feast book, same thing, different connotation for most.

    I agree with you, he talks more about meal distribution and feast rather than fast. But the IF train rolls on and is gaining popularity, it'll be a fad for the most part, some people will make it a way of life, most will look for a new holy grail.

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    It would be hard to market "Skipping Breakfast". (aka SB)

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    I totally agree. Calling not eating for 16 hours 'fasting' is ridiculous. The same can be said with respect to others like the 5:2, downdays, etc. They are low calorie days, it is not fasting.

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    I agree with you here....I never use the word "fasting" to describe what I do to those outside the community. It has a religious and zealotry connotation that I don't like.

    Anything past 36 hours is a true fast. Before that is just eating later in the day

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    Good thing they stick "intermittent" in front of it as a qualifier then.

    "You can't skip breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day!!1!?" <-- it's still extending the time period without food for these people.

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    I don't use the term fasting either. I just say I don't eat breakfast. I told my sister that and she freaked. "You can't NOT eat breakfast! That's bad for you!"
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    More often than not, I eat one meal a day. But it just doesn't sound as sexy as Intermittent Fasting.
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    It started with the science and not the bloggers. Fasting is the accepted term for baseline glucose/insulin/etc. that occurs 3-4 hours after a meal but I definitely agree that it's horrible in an advice context, especially for the SADdicts that might benefit the most. "Meal planning" is my subtle term for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by picklepete View Post
    Fasting is the accepted term for baseline glucose/insulin/etc. that occurs 3-4 hours after a meal...
    That sounds like BroScience

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