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Thread: Diabetic and going Primal

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    Red face Diabetic and going Primal

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    Hello everyone....I am a newbie on this site and having read the 'book' I have a question.
    I have been on Metformin for 5 years now for diabetes Type 2. Recently started experiencing high fasting blood sugars (in the 12 - 13's) and wondering if Primal eating/lifestyle might improve this. Been off grains for 4-5 days now and have great relief from irritable bowel and stomach issues, the sugars are still higher than I would like. Doc wants to put me on insulin next!!! Please help.....

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    Hi Sharona, I'm sorry I cannot help with your question, just wanted to say welcome, and well done on ditching the grains and finding improvements already in your digestion. I'm sure that healthy primal eating will also be good for diabetes so I'm glad you've found it. Good luck from another primal woman down under.

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    Welcome! Four or five days is not nearly long enough. How long? I can't say how long it will take you. Remember to move around a lot. Don't sit for more than an hour without doing something active for a few minutes. Get plenty of sleep and rest. Once you have been on a while, try intermittent fasting (skipping meals.) Refuse to take insulin at least until you have tried Primal for six months.

    (I'm type 2 on Metformin. When I do *all* of the above. my glucose is great.
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