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    why aren't vegetarians obese.
    I was a morbidly obese vegan, followed by many years of being an obese vegetarian. I'm now a merely overweight primal eater.

    I think overall, vegetarians are often thinner because they don't eat quite as shitty of a diet as people that eat fast food all the time. But for some people, it's not exactly a weightloss formula.
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    I've known plenty of overweight/obese vegetarians. And none who seem healthier than me, even the "in shape" ones.

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    The few vegetarians I know eat processed food and are either obese or skinny fat - if they stick to whole foods ( bread and pasta are not whole foods) then they may be OK ( but quite a bit of food prep would be required I think).

    One person that is a friend of a friend was overweight and looked sick in my opinion.

    I have eaten meat free ( but ate fish eggs and dairy), I was OK but the convenient processed 'veg' foods crept in and it meant I put on plenty of fat over time - well plenty for me - I was always fit/trim before and not used to carrying excess.)

    I know someone that eats veg (and has for many years) but now in the model of PB - the person is a much healthier, lighter and fitter today than has been the last 10 years.

    Now I eat this way ( including Carb foods), fat dropped away quickly and now I'm putting on mostly lean muscle.

    Any way I read your first post - interesting.

    I haven't seen a post from BG before - dobre doshŭl :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    Like, here... About a quarter of Swedish vegans and vegitarians are overweight or obese- Risk of overweight and obesity among semivegetarian, lactovegetarian, and vegan women

    I didn't need a study to tell me that, I can just look around me, but there is one.

    +1... I knew plenty of em. Whats the question?

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    The vegetarians I know have the same overweight rate as the population (i.e. the majority). A few are colossal. The only difference I've observed is their appetite is more preoccupied and urgent than the others--they'll interrupt social and work functions because they MUST eat right now, usually dairy.

    Virtually all of my age peers consider step #1 in weight control to be eliminating meat.

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    Vegetarians tend to be either grossly underweight and weak or grossly overweight and weak.


    The ones that actually eat fruits and vegetables tend to be underweight. The ones who live off fried flour and soy tend to be fat.
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    I ate a tonne when I was vegan... But so much of it was undigested fiber... I was ALWAYS hungry (which should've been a clue that I wasn't fuelling properly). Most of the vegetarians I knew we're slimmer than the average person, but you do often get vegetarianism (or any organized nutrition plan) co-existing with health-consciousness... Ie, they're more likely to exercise, eat real food (less processed) etc... Separating cause and effect in that scenario is difficult. That being said, I feel like that model is changing... People who are young and turning to vegetarianism are often doing it for ethical reasons and are less likely to be the hyper health-minded veggies of the past... These new ones read those labels, all 100 ingredients, to find veggie and vegan "food" that meets their restrictions without pausing to think that eating a giant order or McD fries, coke and a sundae may be vegetarian, but it sure as soup isn't healthy.

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    It strikes me that the fact that someone may be willing to drastically restrict their diet for ideological reasons may be an extension of the fact that they may not be as attached to the pleasures of eating.

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    Thanks for all the answers, and thanks for the Bulgarian greetings from all Primal is getting larger.

    I will quote some answers with comments:

    "Skyroketing" insulin does not mean fat storage. It's all about how much one eats. Good carbohydrates are absolutely necessary.
    This really confuses me, and should read again all primal books, because as I recall the main concept of primal is not that toxic food make us obese - it makes us ill. We get fat and obese specifcly because of skyrocket insulin levels. I can't quote certain part of "the primal blueprint" because this hypotezis (that I admire widely) is all over the book. Mark says don't controll your calorie intake due to it will be control by itself - you can't overeat on primal because you wouldn't want to - you wont have the drive, so no need to control the amount of food. And another thing - if there are too much triglicerides in blood, without the high level of insulin to store it as fat, organism is just going to boost metabolism to deal with with the fat. The only positive carbo I read about is the carbo delivered from vegetables and limited amounts of fruits, but nothing about rise and grains. What other "good carbs" you have in mind?

    I don't find myself confused if the vegetarians are more I'll than us - no doubt they are. There is not one world champion of any sports that is pure vegetarian. Problem is why are not they obese specifcly because of the high insulin delivered with whole grain and carbo foods they mainly ingest - rise, potatos, bread ect. High insulin blocks the organism from using fat for energy, and the excess of glucose should turn into fat that goes directly for storage instead of used for fuel while eating even organic grains, rise and bread.There for vegans and vegetarians should mostly be obese even not skiny fat - obese.

    I should say I defenetly have observation of a few vegetarians, but they certanly are not obese, as I would expect them to be. Not well with health of course - ironicly blameing them selfs that they are not vegetarian enough

    Maybe the most usefull answer was this one:
    vegans and vegitarians are overweight or obese- Risk of overweight and obesity among semivegetarian, lactovegetarian, and vegan women

    If there are more official charts and studies revealing the rate of obesity and bad health among vegetarians it will be more easy for me to convince people I train that this is a myth - the healthy, lean vegetarian.

    (BTW I don't argue at all that Vegs are less healthy and powerfull than us, but I can understand why are they not obese because of all that insulin)
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    I had few more quotes to discuse but my battery went down, will continue as soon as i get home.
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