Hey guys, gripe of the day....

Been holding this one close to chest for a few months now so tonight's the night for sharing.... Feels very narcissistic doing this as try not to get too caught up in body image but very hard not to when you're trying so hard to get to your goal weight... I'm 5"9 and currently weigh in at 136lb, my fighting weight is 126lb so the goal is only 10lb but OMG I've been trying to get this last 10lb of for nearly a year!!!
I've been Primal for over 3 years and love it. In my teenage years I used to be a fatty and spent years trying to get out of the bingeing cycle and this way of life really had kicked it to the curb, however a little while ago I fell off the wagon big-styleee and spent the best part of a week solidly secretly eating.... When i finally managed to pull myself out of it was not only thoroughly ashamed of myself, I'd put on a stone of pure fat. Everywhere!

So, here's what I eat....

IF for 16 hrs each day till 11am (evening meal eaten @ 7pm)

- 4 egg omelette (or 4 eggs scrambled)
- Loadsa decaf organic coffee with whole milk throughout the day
- loadsa water throughout the day
- meat or fish with very few bits of steamed broccoli/carrots
Or homemade coconut curry
Or homemade chicken soup

-more decaf coffee/water

Average calorie per day = 1000 cals
Average carb per day = 10g
I walk 4-5 miles a day every day

That is it. No 85%choc, no nuts, no fruit, no dairy (apart from milk in coffee) there's nothing I can eliminate and I can't load up on these things because if I do it triggers binge attacks...