First, let me begin by saying that I have asked and implored my wife to create an account on this forum and ask about the problems herself. As is obvious, she has chosen not to do so.

My wife is considering giving up on the PB, and it greatly bothers because she has lost weight and seems to be feeling least until recently.

She has been having moments of nausea, and occasionally she has vomited in the morning after eating certain foods (fruit, for instance, which is something she's cut back on immensely!). If she eats eggs for breakfast, she feels fine, but then around lunch time she's feeling nauseous again and sometimes skips lunch even if she is hungry. Naturally, this is driving her up the wall--who wouldn't be driven insane by this, right?

She's not pregnant, contrary to what her friends tell her, and she did have a cold a week ago, and her nose is still stuffy even today.

She's been following the PB pretty well, aside from her dark chocolate (85%) indulgence and an occasional meal out (maybe 2 times in the past two weeks--I ate it with her, and I still feel fine).

As far as what she eats, she sticks mostly to meat and vegetables with a fair amount of fruits, mostly peaches and strawberries. She doesn't eat pork at all, so she doesn't dig into my bacon, and she has hard time finding enough fats to eat (she does use butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, but I'm not sure if she's eating enough of it).

I really don't want her to give up on this, but her feelings of nausea are beginning to take their toll. Has anyone else had this problem?