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Thread: Could high amount of fat grams be hindering progress?

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    Could high amount of fat grams be hindering progress?

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    Hey everyone.

    New to the forum. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Here goes. I am 31 year old female who is about 5'5 and 157 pounds. I've been doing the Primal nutrition plan for a few weeks now. I may deviate here and there on Saturdays but for the most part, I am eating primal recipes I get from my subscription to the primal blueprint weekly meal plans. I've also incorporated I.F. fasting recently about 1-2 days a week. I am also now doing a fitness program that has a no intensity day consisting of joint mobility, a low intensity day consisting of yoga, and a moderate/high intensity days where I do body weight exercises in the morning fasted and clubbell swinging for strength training in the evenings. I've cut down my drinking to only red wine occasionally too. I've been pretty consistent with keeping the carb grams below 100 even on workout days but I am not seeing much progress with dropping body fat. I've wondered if it could be because I get stressed often (which I do) and have trouble sleeping at times. But now I'm wondering if maybe my fat grams are too high? I admit I do love eating the Perfect Primal Pizza for dinner Monday-Thursday which is about 64 grams of fat in one serving. I also love eating some 86% dark chocolate for dessert. Sticking to the meal plans and using the dark chocolate in lieu of sweets has made it a lot easier for me to not feel deprived but when I started the program, I had a ballpark calculation of my macros as the following:


    I just did a food log in Fit day and the numbers came out to:


    My carbs are a little higher because I worked out twice today (but still less than 100 grams) but my fat content is 60 grams over and is a lot higher than my protein. Again, the former stats were just ball park and I wasn't aiming to meet them exactly but to use them as a frame of reference. In the PB book it says if you're not seeing progress after a few weeks to adjust your carb grams but I didn't find any info on adjusting fat grams. I'd appreciate any insight you can give me. Love the book and love the meals. Thank you.


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    First thing to understand is that the primal blueprint is based on achieving health. Ill health is a cause of weight gain and will inhibit weight loss. Follpwing PB aims to improve your health which will enable you to lose the weight. All of the ten primal laws are important. Also, weight loss won't be steady as it depends on recovery from ill health, such as chronic inflammation. This is the reason many experience weight loss plateaus. Stress and lack of sleep need to be addressed if you want to succeed. Find ways to address both

    That said, weight loss also requires a caloric deficit so you can burn your stored energy. Your numbers add up to 2200cal. As you are active, I wouldn't recommend reducing carbs. Rather you might reduce the fat. But not too much and it isn't your biggest concern now. The stress and lack of sleep are
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    Yea, way to high of fat.

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    Ditto to peril's post.

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    I'm at my leanest on a majority fat diet but I still use tablespoon measurements and make sure it has a purpose. I'll eat juicy meat without hesitation. Starches and vegetables use 1 tbsp fat via cooking or topping. Cream, chocolate, nuts, and cheese are desserts that I use when I'm too low on kcal (in 0.5-1.0oz doses). I never do oil coffee or anything like that.

    Fat is my favorite fuel but in practice is about 5x as dense as protein and carbohydrate foods so handle with care!

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    Low Carb Sample Menu | Mark's Daily Apple - where Mark gets 55% of his calories from fat.

    119.8 x 4 = 479 calories
    152.1 x 9 = 1369 cal
    89.1 x 4 = 356 cal
    total calories = 2204

    1369/2204 = 62%

    You could take it down a bit on the fat. Your carbs are in line at 16%. Not for anything, but if you're expecting to lose weight on 2200 calories as a 5'5" female, you might be believing in the "eat to satiation" a little to literally.
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    Fat in itself can be healthy, as in "Don't be afraid of fat" the way the USDA is afraid of fat. So, good to see you're embracing them! But, for macros, it depends. Some people here do great on a high fat diet in terms of macros, and some find more success limiting them. So, it's not necessarily the 62% that's the problem (but it could be )

    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    You could take it down a bit on the fat. Your carbs are in line at 16%. Not for anything, but if you're expecting to lose weight on 2200 calories as a 5'5" female, you might be believing in the "eat to satiation" a little to literally.
    This. You probably won't find much success losing with maintenance calorie amounts. Take a few weeks and run with it and see how you do, or lower your cals a bit, and play with the macros.

    I sleep better with more carbs, and lose (not gain) with higher carbs. Ketosis and I just didn't work out. I average at least 150carbs daily, and I track and try not to go too far over 1900 calories. I'm 5'5 and a bit heavier than you.
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    This is a very interesting thread, as I'm also still trying to work out my macros - basically to find right proportions of fat, carbs and protein intake.
    I'm 167 cm and 57.5kg (5'5" and 127lbs ), so I'm not big but I think my body fat is probably around 25%+ (just a guess, I actually don't know as never measured it) and I would like to loose that fat and tone up (I'm active and exercise but nothing chronic).
    Primal lifestyle is new to me so I'm still in shock of recommended amount of fat consumption and I just started question whether I should take less fat but more carbs and protein.

    I try to keep carbs around 85gr or at least below 100 gr, but if I slightly exceed on heavy work out day I'm not worried too much. But my calorie intake is only about 1500 and I'm tracking everything on myfitnesspal just to get used to new way of eating.

    There is an excellent article in today's blog about differences in fat metabolism between genders, but unfortunately Mark doesn't conclude whether women diet should be consuming less fat...
    So I'm kinda lost and trying to figure out what is the best approach...
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    Heya and welcome home.

    I would have to say that all macros aside you have been paleo/primal for just a few weeks and already you are trying to tweak things?? I dont believe this is a good idea. The exercise sounds ok, maybe a little too much but everyone does things differently. I dont see walking mentioned in your workouts and you might want to consider walking as a huge part of your workout every day. The yoga is great and the lifting heavy is great but walking will reduce stress and help you sleep.

    The fat is a little high but dont worry about that yet. My concern is your focus on loosing weight right out of the gate and I think this is a problem. As was said before healthy is what we aim for, not just weight loss and it will take maybe months or even as long as a year to get things balanced and healthy. You should IMO stick to a healthy diet no hacks no IF ing eat 3 squares a day for the next few months and just get paleo eating dialed and see how your body looks feels and performs.

    I dont know you, I dont know what you were like before, I dont know if you were healthy or badly broken but it took you time to get overweight, it will take time to get better, dont rush things.

    I am a big fan of Jason Seib and J Stanton and Robb Wolf and I suggest you go look all of them up. They all suggest starting slow, eating well and once you have it down then start short IF ing by reducing your eating window, skipping breakfast and eating 2 big meals a day. This works well for me but I am also a guy so YMMV.

    Take your time, get paleo down then see what needs must be done.
    Primal since April 2012 Male 6' 3" SW 345lbs CW 240lbs GW 220lbs and when I get there I am getting a utlikilt. This one actually.

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    If you are unable to sleep due to high stress, try taking rhodiola. I take one capsule--I think it's 500 mg (NOW brand)--at night before bed, and it helps me sleep. It's not a sleeping pill, doesn't make you drowsy, but it reduces cortisol levels. So it will help you if your sleep problems are caused by elevated cortisol in the evenings.

    That said, you could probably cut down on the fat. It is true that eating excessive amounts of fat will make it difficult to lose fat.

    My theory on this whole low carb, high fat thing is that eating LCHF causes some people to feel sated on less food so they naturally eat at a caloric deficit. Since it happens naturally, it feels effortless to them, and hence the effortless weight loss. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people do not feel sated on LCHF so they continue to eat at the same caloric level as before, and hence they don't lose weight on LCHF (at least not without effort, i.e., intentional caloric restriction). I'm one of those people. When I first started primal, I was eating LCHF, like you, and, eating to satiation, I was consuming 2100-2500 calories per day. Since you're eating LCHF and still consuming 2200 calories per day, I suspect that it doesn't work for you either.

    Since it doesn't work for you, you have to adjust your macros and find something that does. At the end of the day, you probably just need to lower your caloric consumption to lose weight. I haven't really found what works for me yet so I can't help you there.

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