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    What kind of rice should I buy?

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    I read a post by Mark about rice. I don't normally eat it but since it is allowed, it is really inexpensive, I don't need to lose weight and I am trying to save money to buy a house, I am going to try putting this back in my diet. I am going to make a Costco run in a few days. I understand that rice isn't exactly the greatest or most nutritious food, but which rice do you think is the least damaging? It sounded like Mark thinks white rice has the least amount of anti-nutrients as the hull is removed, but I could be sure from reading the article. How many times a week do you think it is reasonable to eat it? Thanks.

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    I eat white rice about once a week with no noticeable ill effects. If I am trying to lean out, I cut it out completely. It is basically not harmful, but no bang for the buck nutrition wise as you mentioned... but damn do I love my sushi. I just try and make sure if I do eat it, whatever protein and veggies I am having with it make up the bulk of the meal.
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    Before going low carb I ate Lundberg Farms organic basmati or jasmine rice.

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    Basmati is nice, cooked in bone broth and eaten with some fried mackerel fillets, a few roasted almonds and olives, etc

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    Avoid Thai rice, which supposedly is very high in insecticides.

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    I eat arborio/carnaroli for risotto, paella rice for paella and white basmati for most other things. I get rice pasta and rice cakes for the smaller piglings too.

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    Depends if you have stomach issues, higher resistant starch rices (basmati, long grain, wild rice) can cause some stomach trouble. With people who have stomach issues, Organic Jasmine Rice from Texas is preferred.

    If don't have digestion issues basmati and wild rice are great!
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