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    good info,Try to harness your new powers for good, not evil I guess. thanks

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    Yeah I am going to me too as well.

    I have found since going paleo, my testosterone is way better, I am much more aggressive, less passive and then I read J.Stanton's eat like a predator and it all clicked. It also has to do with becoming a Norse Heathen in more than just name, I have learned to be more positive and aggressive which sorta does not best please my wife. I am trying to learn to balance my more aggressive nature with a more empathic, almost feminine awareness. It aint easy balancing these two but The gods I chose to venerate hopefully are a balance between them.
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    You're turning into an alpha-male. Grok would be proud. Don't let any one walk all over you but always smile and be nice as you assert yourself.

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    I've noticed I've had more "go" in the physical realm, though it wobbles. Need to patch up the diet more. I also check myself conciously, as being complacent has been the norm so long I have alarms against acting otherwise.

    Which probably kept me out of a prison/morgue a few times so far.


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    Go for it! And congratulations on getting healthier AND the awareness awakening!

    Try this mental image: we are all various fish, living in the ocean together. A few of us are sharks, solitary and devouring everything in sight; a few of us are too scared of anything and everything and live hidden in coral caves until extreme hunger forces us to dart out furtively for a little sustenance; and a couple are other things like anemones and sponges; but most of us are fish that school in variously sized schools - that would be you (and me). Now, we all are stuck in our individual bodies with our own individual brains and all the thinking and wishing that comes from having a brain, and we are all swimming to and fro, trying to stay alive and please ourselves or sometimes each other. Of necessity, at any one time you will be swimming alongside other fish (that would be the folks who align with your current direction) and or away from/opposite other fish (the folks who have different agendas). None of the fish who aren't swimming with you are "wrong" - they just aren't going in your direction. (You wanting to swim your own direction isn't wrong either.) And like any school of fish, there are some to a lot of individuals who ARE going your way. Some will swim with you all the way down the EAC or the Gulf Stream, and others will get off at other spots before that. Still no big deal. And once in a while you will meet another fish you just know you need to make the time to take a fishy bender with just they need it and deserve it - but that doesn't happen every day.

    So, Superbeast, go swimming and see who ends up in the lane with you, no apologies! I have no doubt that you are capable of a tactful, but definite "no" when some other fish wants you to swim with them and you don't wanna. You aren't going to turn into a sea snake just because you now have discovered more of your will. Honest.
    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC

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