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Thread: "Disappointed" isn't the word...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lea View Post
    I don't actually like omelets
    Heresy. Take that back or I'll hunt you down, find out where you live, and mail you a strongly worded letter.

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    God, I hear you. Guess what's for supper tonight? My sister the vegetarian cooked so it's lima beans, salad, quiche with a wheat crust and butter tarts, again with a wheat crust. I'm eating the lima beans because I'm starving but damn. I don't expect her to cook meat but I'd really appreciate an attempt at gluten free.

    However, I have to say. Did your friends mooch off you all weekend? That would put it over the edge for me. I don't expect people to be considerate of my eating habits but they definitely should mind the wallet! >_<

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