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Thread: Broken Foot - Surgery Required - Need Some advice

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    Question Broken Foot - Surgery Required - Need Some advice

    Hey all,
    I broke my right Fibula at the ankle joint this past weekend. In order for the bone to be reset, and heal correctly, I'll have to have surgery which is scheduled for Friday afternoon. The surgery is only supposed to last an hours, and he said I'll be home by dinner time. Doc says I'll be in a split for the first couple of weeks to ensure my bones are healing correctly, and then he'll put me in a cast for another 4-6 weeks depending on how fast I heal.

    Now I know the first week I'll be off of work, and he doesn't want me moving around at all. I am going to try to eat as clean as possible during this time to avoid gaining weight from sitting on my bum all day. Would it be ok to IF maybe? On a normal day I usually IF through the morning, and occasionally eat lunch (if I'm hungy). What I don't want to happen is eating cause I'm bored, and then gain all this weight from sitting and lack of exercise.

    I'm thinking I can still try to concentrate on my upper and mid body - i.e. pull ups, crunches..? What do you think?

    I have never had an injury like this, so when do you think I can start getting back on my feet? Not really exercising per say, but at least putting weight on, and walking around so as to not loose so much muscle in my leg..

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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