We've discussed everything else, right?

Put me in the looney bin, but I think I just had a thought orgasm.

Now, there is this: Orgasm Just by Thinking: Is it Medically Possible? - HealthPop - CBS News

But I'm referring to nothing of sexual origin. I just started thinking about everything at once, like Bruce Willis does at the end of Armageddon, my eyes twitched like crazy underneath my eyelids, and it was pure euphoria.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you give it a shot. The only thing is that you actually have to learn a lot of things for it to work, I think. You have to assemble stuff the way a computer would, and then your brain shoots it back out at you computer style (like when you're loading a program and the taskbar keeps changing to new tasks).

See you over the cuckoo's nest.