Background: 26 y/o male In February I was 316 ponds, yesterday, 270...with most of that being in the last three months. Goals, lose the remaining 40 pounds, look good naked, and be strong and fit enough to excel in my everyday life. I no longer have any interest in powerlifting meets. I don't play any sports competitively. Just want to, like I said, excel in my everyday endeavors.

For the last two months I've been following a three day a week full body program, rotating A days and B days and following it with a short conditioning session (ten minutes of prowler pushing or tire flipping or etc). For the last two weeks, I've been going to the gym for short (under ten minute, conditioning sessions) Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also go on short hikes every Saturday and walk the dog every night. I'm ready for a change.

Next week, my last semester of college starts up, so I'll be using it as a deload week. After that, I'll go from baling hay six days a week to only three and coming late September/October, my only work will be substitute teaching on the days I don't have class, so my NEPA will drop a lot.

This all may be moot since I don't know yet if my commuting will allow for a four day a week schedule (my gym is a small, family ran place that doesn't have the longest hours. However...

Upper/Lower split. Monday-upper body horizontal; Tuesday-deadlift/pulling; Thursday-upper body vertical; Friday-Squat based. Explosive movement>max effort lifting>assistance work>core movement>conditioning.

Second one is something I saw in an interview with Glenn Pendlay, he didn't go into much detail, so I'll have to figure out the particulars myself. It's kind of like four full body workouts, but not very intense. Monday and Thursday, squats and pressing. Tuesday and Friday, pulling (everything from pullups to snatches).

What do y'all think?