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Thread: New baby destroying my sleep, suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warmbear View Post
    Heya, well 7 months in and this new parasite is destroying my sleep and my sanity and any hopes it seems of weight loss. We co-sleep and my wife is breast feeding so the kid is staying in our room.

    I dont sleep well, she often does not even start to think about sleeping before midnight, kicks in her sleep and keeps waking me up or prevents me falling asleep at all which leaves me feeling angry, tired and frustrated.

    In the middle of the night I find my mind races as I get more frustrated and I cant stop it from revisiting every dumb thing I ever did, every single time anyone has pissed me off and everything I resent about the wife and baby..... all at 2 am.

    I am beginning to feel like I am going to loose my mind if this keeps up and I dont know what to do. On top of which I have started having to go pee 3 times a night no matter what I do.

    Suggestions are welcome, somebody tell me how to fix this short of duct taping the parasite to a hanger and leaving her in the front closet.
    Yeah, get your own bedroom for a while. You ain't needed right now in the middle of the night to feed the kiddo anyhow. Make it up to your wife by doing a bit more around the house during the day. End story.

    I've been there and done that with both my boys. Worked for us both times.... co-sleeping... .me moving out... me doing some housework.... me not going insane during the night..... us raising some good kids and staying married

    Just read separate bedrooms are a no go due to space. That sucks. I've been a super light sleeper my whole life. I need complete dark and silence to sleep well. There is nothing to be done bout that in my case. If I got it I'm good.... if not.... well I' m a pissy asshole and borderline getting into fights. Frankly I'd have slept outside rather than in the room with a screaming kid and frequent movement from the wife and baby.
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    Magnesium is a diuretic! Get off the magnesium and see if the middle of the night bathroom visits stop. I only took magnesium for two days because the diuretic effect was so horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ann of the Jungle View Post
    Magnesium is a diuretic!
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    I have not found the Magnesium to drastically change the amount or frequency of peeing, I have been taking it for 2 weeks and it does help me relax most of the time though last night I again laid awake all fracking night. No reason I can see and not channel surfing just awake. Of course I have a job interview today.......
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    I've had two of my own and both times spent the first few months sleeping mainly in the spare bedroom (after the first child) and then after the second child on the couch. We did not co sleep. This was easier for my spouse to take since I was the only bread winner at the time.

    I'm still a light sleeper although magnesium supplements, primarily through trace mineral drops, help. I also investigated and found some foam ear plugs that really work well for me. I'd advise you do the same, then buy like 100 pairs! White noise makers like a fan can also help.

    If you don't like your couch and don't have a spare bedroom, which I understand is your case, then get a camp bed or air mattress. I don't think they have REI in Canada, but this air/foam mattress is incredible, slides out of the way easy behind a book shelf or under a couch. You could put it in your family room or even kitchen and sleep pretty well. I highly, highly recommend this mattress to anybody, it's almost as good as my foam topped bed, there is a reason it has 165 or so reviews mostly at 5 stars, it's also wide enough for guys with broad shoulders so that your elbows don't hit the ground.

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