Heya, well 7 months in and this new parasite is destroying my sleep and my sanity and any hopes it seems of weight loss. We co-sleep and my wife is breast feeding so the kid is staying in our room.

I dont sleep well, she often does not even start to think about sleeping before midnight, kicks in her sleep and keeps waking me up or prevents me falling asleep at all which leaves me feeling angry, tired and frustrated.

In the middle of the night I find my mind races as I get more frustrated and I cant stop it from revisiting every dumb thing I ever did, every single time anyone has pissed me off and everything I resent about the wife and baby..... all at 2 am.

I am beginning to feel like I am going to loose my mind if this keeps up and I dont know what to do. On top of which I have started having to go pee 3 times a night no matter what I do.

Suggestions are welcome, somebody tell me how to fix this short of duct taping the parasite to a hanger and leaving her in the front closet.