This past weekend was like birthday extravaganza. Too many celebrations!!!! Whereas I didn't scarf down a pizza or tub of icecream, I do feel like I drifted a bit more than I would prefer. All in all, I'd say I still stayed above the 80/20 mark...but I had been doing much closer to 90/10 for the past month. My point...Saturday night I felt GINormous....that uncomfortable "I ate too much" feeling that sneaks up on you about 30 minutes after you're done. (please no lectures).

Summary of why I feel this way: 2 nights I had one 2x2 square of red velvet cheesecake brownie...totally not primal and totally delicious. 2 nights in a row, I had a small baked potato with butter as part of dinner, 2 nights in a row I had 1 roll out of the danged basket they put in front of you (i'm the only one eating this way, so no i can't tell them to take it away) haha, 1 night I tried a places sweet potato fries...they were oven baked and yummy.

The rest of the weekend, I ate very normal and PB. Clean. The rest of the meals from the mentioned above were also PB...veggies & meats.

Please no lectures on how I should have acted/eaten differently. That's not really what I'm asking about.
At all. I already know I felt bad, physically and mentally.

My question is, what do you all do after you've overindulged a bit too much? Or maybe just eaten too much?

What are your tricks to get back on track?

What do you do to feel better?

What do you do to feel like you undid the "damage"?