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    I had a similar weekend last weekend, ate lots of things and drank lots of things I shouldn't have. Friday - Sunday. felt sick, bloaty, gross, upset... etc... vowed I wouldn't do it again, woke up Monday morning, fasted all day, ate a primal dinner, worked out, and have felt great ever since. Like everyone said, don't beat yourself up, you can't undo it. Just remember how bad you feel, physically and emotionally, and tell yourself you don't want to feel that way again. Works for me most of the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by LauraSB View Post

    You will get better at declining things you don't think are good for you. It took me almost a year to get to the pont where I feel nothing when they drop that bread basket off at the table. I'm not quite there yet with cake, but I stop with much less than I used to. It just doesn't taste as incredible as it used to. I never feel bad though. I'm done with letting food make me feel bad about myself.
    And when you get to this point, it really is wonderful. Things just don't taste as good, and you begin to resent every calorie and carb in it.

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    Good one!

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    Some "home remedies" for distressing stomach conditions...

    1 or 2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar (if you can't drink it straight, dilute it with water)
    - This will alleviate the "bubble gut"

    1 tbs Fennel Seeds
    - Just pop them in your mouth, crunch them up and swallow. Helps with digestion.

    Senna Tea
    - Helps move things along more quickly if you're feeling a little "backed up"


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    usually you will find you have no appetite after feeling so full and icky, so it should be pretty easy. just drink water, no food, until you feel better.

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    I've found that I have some how naturally fasted after a non primal meal or day.

    Then got right back into it, and that for me means doing some home cooking for the week so I don't have any reason to impulse shop.

    I still struggle with cake, not so much bread.......!
    Primal - June 3rd 2013
    Starting Weight - 150lbs
    Current Weight - 150lbs
    Goal Weight - 130lbs
    (Female / 5'4")

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    The best way to get back on track is just simply going back to your primal lifestyle by starting off the day like you normally would and so on. Get rid of all the crap that might be left over in your house and stock up on lots of healthy proteins, veggies and some low sugar fruits to curb your sweets cravings.

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    I think you should give up because you obviously aren't taking this seriously. Just kidding. Just get back on track the following day and quit beating yourself up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    other option: raw kale for 7 days and wear a hairshirt.
    So funny. We all punish ourselves - and it never helps!

    If I have a bad day or weekend, I just move along, as it's very stressful to do otherwise, and we're supposed to be enjoying life. If I see myself in a bad trend or downward spiral (recently) I take action that will make me feel a bit more in control and help me to strengthen my resolve. Right now I'm doing a Whole 30, because I've had a summer of slowly seeing some bad habits come back in. I think you could even do something along those guidelines for just a week or so, so you feel you have a clean slate, and are a bit more empowered, but as others have said, simply moving on is the most important aspect.

    You've done beautifully this past year, so focus on that!

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    Sometimes I wonder how much of the "bad" feelings are due to a specific mindset because we expect a certain outcome from "deviations" from the primal lifestyle. I mean by that: if I go to a birthday party or 2 during a week-end, I'd prefer not thinking that I would probably deviate from my more primal lifestyle, and really have fun during the party. It is a little hard to do though when you started the primal lifestyle because you wanted to "correct" something that such a weekend would reintroduce, even for such a short time. It's a tricky mind business that can maybe amplify the gross feeling one can feel after such a week-end. Yeah, tricky ... so I have no advice to offer actually, sorry for my babbling ...

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