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Thread: Man boobs :(

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    Man boobs :(

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    Hey guys I am just recently going primal and enjoying it so far and was wondering if any of my dudes on here have any success stories with losing the dreaded moobs. Usually as i lean out more they start to go away a bit but never completely. Any suggestions?

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    From the Success Stories section of the forum,

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    Yes, I for one am now nearing the end of my MOOBS! It seems like it's the last thing to go, but my moobs are much smaller. I have pictures here:
    March 1st 2010: 308lbs | CW: 219lbs / 18.5%BF | New Goal: 16% BF
    Male. 28. 6'4''. Currently working on them muscles and strength!

    "My chest hair caught fire when I was fighting a bear with a flamethrower, how do I get my hair back? - Rivvin

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    I've been plagued by moobs for years and years. It's all a matter of where your body in particular carries fat. They will lean out when they lean out, and there's not much you can do. Even though I'm slimming down nicely, my pecs are quite round.

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    I can speak from experience.

    I have had boy boobs, and then developed into man boobs. So I've had boobs all my life. Friends and family always made fun of me. Low self esteem sucks.

    Been on low fat hi carb diets a few times, lost all the weight and put it all back. Man boobs still stayed even at my lightest weight.

    Been on low carb primal for over a year, body fat went from 38% to 11% now.

    The BIGGEST impact on my life? The disappearance of my man boobs! They're now square and muscular from all the pushups (I can do 100 at one go now) and low body fat.

    It's like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. My wardrobe went from having only shirts with double breast pockets to mostly plain fitted T shirts now.

    I used to think I would never ever be able to get rid of them, but I'm telling you, there is hope.

    Caveat: I am VERY strict about my diet. As low carbs as possible. My cheat is eating more protein. Have not touched a morsel of sugar, bread, pasta, rice, noodles, yams, potatoes, cereal, juice, fruit (except small amounts of berries), soy, beer... for over a year. Not consciously at least. If I can't find suitable food, I'd rather not eat.

    But the results are worth it!

    Good luck!
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    Something that may help is to reduce the amount of phyto estrogens in your diet. The main reason you see heavy beer drinkers with man boobs is because most beer is made with hops, one of the highest phyto estrogen containing foods out there. And they market beer as manly? Also, soy and flax are pretty high. Research it more, you may find some helpful information.

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    Mine have shrunk considerably too, and in only 5 months.
    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    Dude - nicely done... its serious going from 38% to 11%... sounds like you aren't just lean but strong too. Props!

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    Wow, 100 pushups at once. That's a goal to strive for. I haven't tried maxing out, but I doubt I could make it beyond 35.

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    Thanks for the encouragement guys!

    It's funny. I was more happy that my man boobs disappeared rather than the appearance of my 6-pack, which is in the scheme of things, very low in my priority list.

    I just wanted to be able to wear a T-shirt without constantly tugging at it to try to make it not stick to my chest. I think people with man boobs will know what I'm talking about.

    Yes, I'm much stronger than when I first started. 1.5 years ago, I could do an absolute maximum of 5 pushups, with bad form. I could walk as quick as I can for 15 mins before I felt like puking. Stairs were a no-no. Waist was 40 inches (I'm 5ft 8" only).

    1.5 years later, I can do 6 consecutive sets of 100 pushups with a few minutes rest in between. I can run a 10k any time, and then walk back another 10k. I climb up 12 storeys (where I stay) a few times a day without breaking a sweat. Waist now is 28 inches.

    I only need to eat 1 meal a day (usually big, but not huge). Never feel hungry. Am full of energy. Need less sleep. Getting too much attention from the ladies (not good when you're married). My work is my passion in life (hard to beat this one).

    Life was good pre low carb primal.

    Life is FANTASTIC now.
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