I've had all kinds of hormone issues lately, too many to mention really. Everything from autoimmune thyroiditis to low estrogen & progesterone and all kinds of other issues that are unsolved atm but that I am convinced are related to my lady-hormones...

Before I say more about my hormone issues, here are my questions to you:
Have you ladies had a change in hormones when you went Primal? Were the changes good or bad? And how long did it take for change to show up?

My experience:
Ever since I went Primal 2 months ago, I haven't had a period (no, I'm not pregnant). I had hoped going Primal would help me with my hormone issues... I am not blaming Primal, I know that my hormones have been a problem for years and my thyroid is a huge factor (it's currently underactive and my GP is still tinkering with my medication), but it's a little eerie to have no proper cycle and all these weird aches and pains.
Also, since my period was due one month ago, I've been nauseous on and off, have back pain and random hormonal acne. I had an Xray of my abdomen and an ultrasound of my pelvis and everything looks fine.

It really sucks to try so hard to eat really well and do everything right and not reap the rewards

Thanks in advance for any hope/advice you can offer.