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Thread: We need a new name!

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    We need a new name!

    -Paleo is wrong. See:
    -So we go to "Primal". This name implies Paleo even though Mark lays down scientific and open-ended principles. It's like selling a healthy drink called Cokie Cola right next to Coca Cola (that we all know is bad).

    I eat what I call the Primitive Farmboy Diet. If a primitive farmboy could have it, eat it. Essentially, think of it as Primal including proper grain, legume, and dairy preparation. Essentially, think of it as the WAPF diet, what Weston A Price studied in the tribes he went to. Throw in the cornerstone book "Tending the Wild" by Kat Anderson, who shows ample grain usage in California native tribes, who also shows quite considerable agricultural practices by the natives that we had previously considered "hunter gatherers", and you see that the term "hunter-gatherer" is very dubious. It essentially argues humans have always affected their environment, always been farmers. The term "wilderness" is a myth in a sense.

    The Farmboy Diet COULD be considered the *true* Paleolithic diet (sort of), but that's too confusing for the public when currently "Paleo Diet" is so well-defined.
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