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    Beef heart recipes

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    Looking for a few good beef heart recipes, any recommendations? Should I take into account heat and cooking duration? I don't want to lose any nutrients from the meat.

    Also, any experience with lamb, veal, or pork heart?

    I'm getting tired of my thin sliced, seasoned, "heart bacon".

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    I can't remember where I saw it, but I found a pretty tasty looking recipe for beef heart chili. I bet it you google that it would be near the top results.
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    I grind it up in a meat grinder, or finely cube it and use a whiz stick (or whatever those things are called) and make nachos, typically. Goes great with other organs mixed in.
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    Otherwise I just fry the whole thing in onions and eat it like a steak.

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    Most often I cut it in smaller parts, heat some coconut oil on a pan and stir it for a while. Then I add 3 onions and 2 garlic cloves (for one heart). Later I add salt, pepper and other spicees... Easy and tasty and quick...
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    The only thing I liked was making jerky from it.
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    I recently posted a recipe for beef heart chili:Beef heart & liver chili
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    Peruvian anticuchos!
    Searching "anticuchos" will get you plenty of recipes, but here's one to start with:
    Anticuchos (Beef Heart on Skewers) Recipe Details | Recipe database |

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    We buy it with ox kidney, cube it all up, brown it in the pan and then make 'steak and kidney pie' in the slow cooker.

    Slowcookers are awesome.
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