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    Victoria, BC, Canada
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    Student, working toward becoming a midwife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fauxreal View Post
    Student, working toward becoming a midwife!
    What a wonderful path. I 💛 our midwife. She is a part of our family bond. Your life will be rich in so many ways.

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    Process Operator in a oil processing/pipeline Terminal. l work 7 days on/off and can fly anywhere on my weeks off. Usually to the BC coast

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    I'm a phone bitch for the cable company. I actually quite enjoy it, but I'm inward facing, supporting employees. Good times!

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    A lot of good sounding paths here!

    I have only been at this job 18 months or so. I hope once I've got my BS I'll be able to move upwards. What's "up" from here, though, I don't know.


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    Investment banking.
    Quite evil going by the television, press and Internet.

    Ex military. And that is becoming evil as well with all the new awakening.

    I squat to redeem myself and to avoid reincarnation.
    Few but ripe.

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    Industrial insulation, though the contractor I currently work for does primarily firestopping. It's good work, lots of physical activity and constant movement, loads of climbing. While it's not what I'd like to do as a long term career, I'm third generation in so I take a good sense of pride in it, and the money is enough to pay off student loans and save toward whatever comes next (I have a degree in fine arts / drawing, and would love to get my MFA in a year or two and see where that takes me). It's fun being the smallest person on the crew too, I get picked to climb and crawl into all the fun and small complicated spaces. Always an adventure!

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    My job title is Senior Compliance Officer. Basically, I sit in an office and browse the internet most of the time. Hopefully I'll be out of this field by the end of the year as I am totally sick of it.

    There are some very interesting sounding jobs on here though! It's inspired me to look into what it takes to become an interventionist again, as that has always interested me.

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    I am an Electronics Engineering Technologist, but since I graduated I have been doing field service repairs, and maintenance on medical equipment. I am currently working as a Biomedical Technician basically doing the same maintenance but in an office, not in the field. I am going to be leaving this job in about 2 months to move to Victoria where I am thinking about getting back into field service so that I get a change of scenery every few days, and I don't have to deal with office politics.

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    Hydrogeologist. Had been at it for good 10 years or so, and have to do another 17-20. Retirement can't come soon enough.
    My Journal:
    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

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