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    VP Finance with a mid-sized, privately-owned company. LOVE my job. The title sounds fancy, but because it's not a big corporation I get involved in many different aspects of the business, I'm not just sitting in my corner office doing the "bean counting", nor do I have to spend my days in endless meetings.

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    I'm a photographer. Before that I was a chef. Before that I worked in bio-med research.

    I want to be Tim Ferriss when I grow up.

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    I am a carriage driver in Central Park.

    My desk is my carriage (and much of the day it is a standing desk as I stand beside my horse and hack rides) and my cubicle is 843 acres of awesome.

    I have a master's degree in history but was fat and unhappy in graduate school. I dropped out to be a carriage driver in Philadelphia and have never been healthier than when I was (and am) driving a carriage. I think a lot of it has to do with being active and outside.

    I stopped driving a carriage for a couple of years (2010-2012) and gained back a ton of weight. I started doing primal in 2012 and dropped 40 lbs, then moved to NYC and dropped another 10-15 working on 59th St. with a horse. I've now maintained my 50+ lb loss for a year, but have gotten back into PB to kick my nasty Coke habit (as in Coca Cola).

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    ^If I ever get back to NYC & take a carriage ride, I'll be sure to send you a PM so I can get yours!
    Current interests - Starting Strength (reading it very slowly)

    Depression Lies

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    Time to start crowd sourcing your science, I guess. So winds down an age of unpresedented rapid scientific discovery.

    Well, it depends. For the work she does, pretty much the only funding sources(in the US) are the National Health Institute or the National Science Foundation, which are the two major granting agencies. Other nations spend even less than the US does on such general research. There are only a few non-profits that make grants to labs, and usually those are for research about specific diseases (think the Komen Foundation or Walk for the Cure). While there may be some NFP or NGOs that make general scientific grants, they are the exception and not the rule. Pharma companies generally pursue projects with an end goal with mind or explore a result when discovered, and in that sense are very much result orientated.

    To both her and my knowledge, there hasn't been any projects that have attempted to be financed through crowd-funding. Though it is an interesting avenue, as there are many potential things that could be discovered (or hypothesizes tested) for less than $10k. But getting enough attention on such a campaign and interest generated could be hard without a lot of star power attached to the project.

    Why do you think it ends such an age? If anything, our access to both information (via the internet) and tools (as the prices come down) is increasing. As well as more and more fields seem to be making lots of interesting discoveries (for examples, look through the FB group I f$%king Love Science (but spell out the curse)).

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    Translator. After working for technically oriented private companies and government agencies with scary names I have landed in one of the world's biggest translation agencies. I'm in the office 8+ hours daily, basically computer programmes do the work and I have to see that they don't produce nonsense. Due to the amount of work and tight deadlines its quite stressful, but I like it. Although I work "with the language" I have no artistic inspirations, no novels in progress, no poetry, etc. I have my kids and dogs to fill up my free time.

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    Medical Billing Specialist for a company that supplies patients with medical equipment. It's a boring desk job that isn't very interesting, but somehow I don't mind it. The plus side is I've been with the company for several years so I get a lot of paid vacation time.
    “You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” - Ron Swanson

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    I'm a graphic artist. I own a printing business. I design custom cars.

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    Skimmed all 14 pages and didn't see anyone else in my field...... I know why, they work 24/7.

    Landscape designer, sales, project management, materials procurement and customer service.

    I plant things and make people smile.

    Most of the time.

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