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Thread: Almost a month

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    Almost a month

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    I have been trying to eat primal for the past few weeks. I picked up a book at the library that looked interesting mid July. It actually has not been too bad as long as I plan my meals and cook. The hardest part is my family still wants to eat "forbidden" food like Special K protein bars and wheat flour tortillas. Another struggle has been having enough energy to finish my 40 minute run. I am excited that I have lost about 6 pounds without doing much exercise and not feeling hungry (unless I wait too long to make dinner).
    Today I ate 2 eggs 2 pieces of sausage coffee banana for breakfast, part of a chicken breast and spinach for lunch, Betty's salad for dinner, some almonds for a snack.

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    Great start, MicheleLynn. Welcome, I hope soon you will find that this way of eating feels a whole lot better than "not too bad". I love it.

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