So I'm coming off of 7 months straight of Whole 30's and whole30 inspired eating, with reintros, some more scientific and controlled than others and then just a month of vacations and the mindset of "I want to eat what I want" which inevitably led me back to grains which I had avoided for 7 months straight. Prior to that I'd also avoided gluten for about 4 months. I was feeling really great off of grains (I don't have significant issues with other things like legumes or dairy or soy sauce) but here's the thing. I thought avoiding grains and eating clean for that length of time was going to result in me being as skinny as I was a decade ago when I was a hard partying vegan. The unhealthiest and least stable I've ever been be damned I was a size 4. I really thought I'd be a 4 again, but no, my body did lose the bloat and my belly was flatterr, skin clearer, happier and healthier in every measurable way but still hangin out at a size 8-10 (I'm 34 with two kids, the mombod was gonna get me sooner or later I suppose). Anyways, because I didn't get as skinny as I wanted I started questioning whether it was worth all the work and missing out on yummy tasting comfort foods. So I decided to reintro grains this month and it is a disaster. I immediately swelled out. I mean, 5 months pregnant looking. I'm spaced out, short tempered and tired. I'm smoking pot (my old go-to pick me up) to get some fake energy to get through all the things I have to do in the day. Well that of course drains my energy even further. So grain reintro started out looking like fun, but ended me up in the exact same place I started before w30. I don't want to do w30 anymore because I can't do it long term and I feel primal will give me the proper balance of leniency and rules. So here goes, today shall be my last day of eating grains and legumes and sugar.