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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    While I agree with you to an extent, any sport where grown men fall down in apparent agony just because their opponent was within a foot of them all to fool a referee into giving them a penalty/their opponent a card is a travesty and should be squashed. So until they start fining/banning pussies who take obvious dives I can't give football any legitimacy.
    Bwahahah.... brutally honest there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Yeah, I'm not hardcore enough to follow all the trades and free agent pickups in the off season, so the preseason is when I get to see whats really happening.
    Is it just me, or was last season only about

    Free agent pickups
    Mild concussions
    Serious concussions
    Market price bounty for inflicting a concussion
    Some guy STILL on the sidelines recovering from a concussion
    Peyton Manning's neck injury
    The rotting remains of RGBIII's knees

    In other words, there wasn't much actual football. Not sure I want to watch again.
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    Eddie Lacy looks like a bad man. The Packer offense will be beastly this year!

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    Seahawks..!! woot woot. Beat the world record for noise at an event 2x last night too.

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    Football is my favorite sport. My husband and I are a house divided though; I'm all about the Chicago Bears and he's a Packers fan. It keeps things interesting. I like college football too, but my team is awful lately (Illinois). At least Northwestern looks promising.

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    I hope Kaepernick isn't crying too much...wait, yes I do. He ran away after the game and didn't even shake Wilson's hand.

    <3 my Hawks

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    The G-Men!!!

    They aren't exactly looking like world beaters right now. Although the last time they started a season 0-2, they won the superbowl. No worries yet.

    On another note, hockey is right around the corner. Let's go Rangers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorbag View Post
    Football??? By using their hands more than their feets and a "ball" should according to common definition be round, spherical, and not distorted "oblong"!!! This is a real football btw:

    Handball was taken. Plus, we occasionally use the most hated player on the team to kick the ball.

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