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Thread: The Balancing Act: Integrating Primal into My Life

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    The Balancing Act: Integrating Primal into My Life

    My life is very multi-dimensional. Integrating Primal living so that it occupies its proper place in my life is a constant struggle.

    I do need to lose weight; I am 5’4” and weigh 190 lbs., but the weight is not coming off, even though I’ve made big primal changes to my diet.

    I am post-menopausal, so my metabolism doesn’t respond as readily to diet changes as it once did.

    I can’t always eat completely primally. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian and there are times when we fast from meat & dairy. (For more information see my other thread Almost-Primal Orthodox Christian Lenten Cooking and Eating).

    I cook for myself and my husband who has his own health issues concerning food.

    I am a grandmother, and I often entertain family – also we have a house big enough to host friends who need a place to live for a while, so I cook for them too - and if they aren't primal, I add non-primal foods for them - of course I have to taste what I cook to make sure its okay!

    I have never been good at menu planning. I’m a creative cook and like to cook what strikes my fancy, but then I’m usually thinking about food all day long and there are weeks I run to the grocery store every day. This has got to stop! There is more to life than food! So, as a way to help myself plan ahead, I hope to start posting weekly menus.

    Well, that’s enough to begin this journal. We’ll see how it goes!
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    See my journal, The Balancing Act: Integrating Primal into My Life, for menu plans, musings, and more.

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