Hey there,

So, it's been almost 2.5 months, and I'm not shifting weight.... It's now starting to get me down, and loose hope.

I have about 20lbs to lose, or in other ways, a fair number of inches to lose - either would be acceptable.

For the main I have been eating primal, I've dropped dairy too which was perhaps stalling me, and no massive difference noticed at all.

I'm a bit unable to do the physical side of things through an injury to my back, but I've managed to up my walking to about 1.5 hours a day.

Typically my diet is something like this:

Morning - coffee w' cream / 2 splenda's / coconut oil
Lunch - canned tuna w' mayo or recently home made meatballs and crustless quiche
Dinner - chicken or steak fried in butter and olive oil with cauli & brocolli
Snacks - bananas / avocados / apples

I'll admit to eating carbs every now and then but in the main (5 out of 7 days min) I've been keeping to the above, and when I do eat bread or something, it's a burger bun or bread roll, or tablespoon of pasta salad etc.

All the posts with people dropping in the first week makes me feel like I'm totally off, which from what I know is not true, but can anyone help?

I'm at least maintaining and I think it's about 1500 calories on average a day I'm consuming - my other stats are below.

thanks in advance for anyone who can help - I really really do appreciate it.