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Thread: achy legs?

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    achy legs?

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    I'm generally primal but had a really terrible week last week (and a general slide the 2 weeks prior to that). Last week I was TERRIBLE - all kinds of sugar, carbs, etc.

    This week, I'm back on track but have experienced really achy/stiff legs and an overall feeling of achiness in my body.

    Are these joint aches symptoms of carb/sugar withdrawal??

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    Dunno... but an epsom salt bath couldn't hurt!

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    It's not withdrawal, I think instead it's the sugar being processed by your system. I have the EXACT same problem, and have had it since I was a child. I thought it was just a part of life until I figured out a month or so ago that it was linked to sugar. It has seriously changed my life. I find that I personally am OK with maple syrup, honey, and natural sugars like those found in fruit (as long as it it's in limited quantities. I also get headaches and acne from too much sugar along with the leg pain. You are not alone!

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