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Thread: Weekends are killing my attempts at progress!

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    I love all the positive ideas! And yesssssss I definitely agree that if I eat a donut, no one had a gun to my head. It's totally my fault. But I explained to my husband yesterday when he got home how important it is to me that I keep on track of my diet, and when he brings bad things to the house, it just makes it harder than it needs to be. But I'm so proud of myself for what happened when we went out to eat. We shared an appetizer of a grilled artichoke and a creamy dip, shared a grilled steak and green beans, and I had one glass of red wine. We went to Cheesecake Factory (because that's his cheat dessert for the week, I can't take it away from him lol) and I wasn't going to get anything but I ended up getting their low carb original. When we got home, we had our dessert and I just took a few bites. I read online that even though they use Splenda, they also put sugar alcohol in it so I didn't want an upset tummy. When I woke up this morning, I was down half a pound from two days ago! That was all the reassurance I needed that I CAN have a good time and still keep my diet on plan. I've always known its possible, but I've been scared to try. Now I feel so good that I stuck to my guns even when I wanted 2 margaritas and a full sugar piece of cheesecake. Would not have been worth it! Thanks for all the support, I enjoy all the comments, good and bad.

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    I'm a little late to the party, but when I read your original post I wanted to sympathize a little. My husband travels for his job, mostly to remote areas with little cell phone reception ( wild land firefighting) sometimes for 2-3 weeks at a time. I had been on point diet wise for many months consecutively until we moved during a time he was gone for 3 weeks. The stress got to me and caused some faltering (compounded by a death close to our family) but I mostly stayed my course. Until I was with him again. Then I found myself eating things with him that I previously had no trouble avoiding (i.e. gluten free beers, corn tortillas, beans, rice crackers and hummus). It was a very basic and long ago ingrained "comfort food=love" mentality, which I fault no one nor myself for slipping into during times of stress. Being seperated from your partner during the week does cause some stress, and following a strict diet while he is away may bring a sense of control and calm. The excitement of the weekends together can easily trigger the deeply ingrained notion that certain foods = celebration and relaxation. I don't find it surprising, alarming or even very concerning that your diet was falling apart. Seems really normal a phase to me. With awareness it's possible to move past it though, which by the sound of your last post, you have.

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    You need to look at it differently, sugar and carbs are addictive. They ping that pleasure center of the brain like Cocaine and heroin. We are all pretty much recovering sugar addicts. No one would ever tell an alcoholic that its ok on the weekends to "splurge" at the bar, so long as they get right back on tract the next day. In fact, your friends and family would not only not take you to the bar they would actively prevent you from going. If you had a drinking problem your husband would not take you out for drinks and he likely would not bring alcohol into the house while you were trying to get your impulses under control.
    It's also a good reason to say "none for me thanks, I'm a sugar addict in recovery. If I was an alcoholic you would not be pushing me to have "just one drink", the problem with me is once I start I can't stop. Please respect that."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    No, I am all about organic vanilla beans and cream and stuff, but it's still sweets. The problem is that I do know how to make all these tasty but not good for you things. It's like being a wizard and know dark arts, and then someone comes over and asks for a bit of a curse to be placed... wouldn't you say you can't do it?
    Haha, I like that. I feel like that too - I make awesomely tasty treats involving sugar and flour. Now I try to make better for us treats taste awesome, but they still love Tollhouse cookies. Honestly, so do I, but I just don't eat them.

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