I've read through a few threads and post cautiously knowing there are many out there who have strong opinions about taking supplements. The typical argument is that if we eat right, we don't need to take supplements (simplified argument at least). I agree with that statement. My struggle is that while I want to eat right, I find myself eating mostly right. Enter the argument for supplements.

I did further research outside of Mark's site on supplements. You can find many people talking about it from varying levels of expertise. I found this page from Chris Kresser. Beyond Paleo: Supplement Wisely. In this blog he talks about certain supplements that he typically recommends because there are certain items people tend not to eat. For example, I'm just not ever going to be a fan of organ meats. Sorry...I just can't do it. Unfortunately, organ meats tend to be rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Without eating a forest to offset this deleted food item, supplements seem to make sense.

So why am I posting? I priced out all the supplements that Kresser suggested at the dosage he suggested. I priced this out on Amazon, not on his website, in order to get the best price. In addition, I priced out 100% whey protein isolate, probiotics and fish oils. When it's all said and done, the monthly cost is about the same as Mark's platinum package. His damage control contains tons more than just the basic supplements recommended by Kresser, but is the quality lacking? Is it better to itemize and buy different brands or is Mark's stuff high enough quality to make a difference?

OK...here is all I ask. If you hate the fact that I'm posting about supplements, then keep that opinion to yourself. I'm accepting the fact that I will spend $$ on something that I can probably get by buying all the right foods. I would love to hear responses about the quality of his products (protein, damage control, fish oils, probiotics).

I appreciate the objective feedback in advance.