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Thread: kitchen scrap magic

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    kitchen scrap magic

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    It recently came to my attention that a lot of vegetable scraps can be put in water and regrown to an extent. The bottom of a Romaine lettuce head will grow another set of leaves if you stick it in water (they get bigger if you put it in dirt), celery/bok choy will grow new stalks, etc. Avocado pits sprout quickly but take like 15 years to produce avocados and pineapple tops will grow another pineapple in a few years - mind sort of blown.

    I currently have carrot tops sprouting new carrot greens and regrowing scallions on my windowsill. Pretty sure I will never have to buy scallions again.

    Do you regrow anything from your fruit and veggie scraps? What has been the most successful?

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    I mainly do this with green onions...

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    I just give it to my house bunny
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    we have regrown some of it, but most of it goes to soup stock.

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    Most of mine goes to the chickens. But, now you've got me wanting to try that with a pineapple!
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    it goes in a bag, in the freezer, for making stock and broth.
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