Hi, I am somewhat new to working out but not to PB. I had a trainer about 7 yrs ago and got in great shape and loved that my arms were trim and firm and I felt strong! Unfortunately my health failed and I have not been to the gym since or much anyway and I spent much of the time in bed.
My health is significantly better and I have returned to the gym! I am doing some of the things my trainer taught me with weights and such but am not seeing much as far as results. I figure that since I'm older it will take longer too. I do have a problem with my left wrist that makes something's more difficult but overall no problems.

Can you suggest some routines that will help build muscle and tone? I have seen the PB fitness routine but can't even attempt one pull-up! I have been going to the gym or exercising 6 days/wk but definitely not overdoing it.
This is what I have been doing in general:

Elliptical for 12-15 min with sprints for 20 sec. And resting for 2 min. I manage only 4 sprints and hope to increase those as well as work on decreasing rest time between.
Weight circuits which include 3 leg machines, 5 arm machines, sit-ups on the stability ball and push-ups. I do 2 sets of each until failure which is general 10 reps, except push-ups and sit-ups.

4 days/wk:
rollerblade 3 miles moderately-more fun than work
Routine of:
40 chair step ups
10 push ups
20 sit-ups
20 mountain climbers
45 sec plank (worked up from 30 sec and trying to get to 60 sec)
8 burpees.
All this twice.
Sometimes I go and do 12 min on the elliptical afterwards depending on time/energy

I appreciate any insight you have. Thx!