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Thread: Measure Your PH for Optimal Health

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    I have discovered that The Optimal pH Diet is also a scientifically proven cure for Diabetes-2 & a major improvement for Diabetes-1. Actually a somewhat modified version of the optimal pH diet by Dr. Young, in his books, The pH Miracle for Diabetes & the pH Miracle. Dr. Young is a Nationally Renowned Microbiologist & Nutritionist. The mainstream medical establishment & Drug Companies attack Dr. Young at every opportunity, even tossing him in jail for practicing medicine without a license. Robert O. Young - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For much more on this subject, do a Google Search of Dr. Young Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. As usual, I was skeptical so did many google searches to find this confirmation of claims made by Dr. Young. Also these people confirm that several other doctors have made the similar discoveries.
    This link explains most of the Dr. Young's program.

    I have added this information to my reference file, subject Diabetes:

    Best to all,

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    Is Leanne Ely talking about the same thing here:

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