Hi there everyone,
I've been reading Mark's blog for the last couple of months and just ordered the book last week (still waiting!) and I was just wondering if anyone would mind sharing their beginnings with me. I'm a 26 year old female 5'6 132 lbs. I just finished grad school in the UK and gained about 10 lbs over there. I've cut out the grains for the most part, cut back on the fruit, no dairy, no sugar, but really struggle with the idea of not counting calories and adding so much fat. Saturated fat at that. In the past I've been a vegetarian, then a high raw vegan, then just fish and eggs and yogurt allowed, and now I don't know what to do. I love what I'm reading though and I'm just scared to make the leap.
I've started sprinting and weightlifting too. My hormones are imbalanced (low estrogen but it's not going to change due to it being a problem in my brain) and I must wear a patch to get them balanced. I spent 3 years without a period before we figured out what was going on and this resulted in tremendous bone loss. I've very close to having osteoporosis. I'm working with doctors to rebuild my bones and an endocrinologist to balance my hormones. I deal with bloat almost every day (spasms in my descending colon), I'm tired, and don't maintain muscle mass easily. I need to make this leap and would love to hear from some women in particular who have done this. Do I really have to give up my favorite Sun Warrior Rice Protien powder??
Thanks for listening,