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    Quote Originally Posted by hermanda View Post
    Hey I just wanted to thank you for the "eat fat first, protein 2ed, and non-starchy carbs a distant 3ed" statement. It keeps popping into my head when I start getting hungry (my body is waking up it's amazing! I go from not being hungry at all to ravenous.) Today I had more energy, way less bloating and a level of communication with my body that is really exciting. I'm starting to feel like I can understand what it wants (really wants) and it's blowing me away. Thanks again for the encouragement:-)
    Glad to here everything is going great so far! Keep it up and continue to listen to your body - its smart! In my opinion, the words here in this thread have been very supportive. All have been excellent advice.

    Take baby steps with it if you need to. I have a friend who is going cold turkey and is doing great so far. But, a lot of people just need to take it slow. By living a primal lifestyle you will probably add a few years to your life
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    Hermanda.... just wanted to say that I had that "bloating" for, I kid you not, several YEARS. I was regularly going to my doctor (old one) complaining, and trying to figure out and they just tested me said you're fine and that's it. I would be so bloated it was like being 7 months pregnant (and I've been pregnant twice, so I am not exaggerating). Clothes wouldn't fit...

    Eating differently (first with an elimination diet back in October of last year), and now with primal, helped me figure out which foods were affecting my digestion. Eliminating them has pretty much eliminated that bloated feeling-- and I went about 6 months with being that bloated every single solitary day.

    I found taht for me, definitely grains, sugars, alcohol, sodas and some dairy affected me. I still do eat sour cream on occasion and cream in my tea, but very little and I do fine. But things like cottage cheese-- instant bad. So feel free to do some experimentation as well... as one thing to remember is we are all different!
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    Sounds great.Keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermanda View Post
    Thanks everyone:-) Well I'm going to try this for a week and see how I feel. I even took some before pics. How do i know how many calories I need? Should I worry about that or just listen to my tummy? I have so many old ways of thinking about food and what is "healthy" for living and weight loss that will need to be suspended. TOWANDA!
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    Link die,check it out please

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    This is a resurrected thread. It looks like she did end up going primal.

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    It definitely IS a jump to wrap your mind around this vs. conventional wisdom isn't it?!
    I second the opinion of giving it a month.
    I also recommend you keep a food journal (there are a lot of online ones, I like spark people) because it can help you see where you might need to adjust some things. For me I was EXHAUSTED the first week. Could it be my body didn't know how to fuel itself from what I was eating? Yeah. Could it have been from the fact that I had cut out the easy carbs (grains!) and not managed to replace them properly so I was only eating about 1000 calories a day? HELL YEAH. As soon as I started eating more I felt better. But I didn't realize how much I was under eating until I looked back at my log.

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