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Thread: New to the Primal Lifestyle

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    New to the Primal Lifestyle

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    Hi, I'm Cece,

    I'm from MA and I am 22 year old female. I started my weightloss journey in January 2012, standing 5'2 and weighing 226 pounds. I started eating healthier, or what I thought was healthier anyways, and working out daily. I am now down to 160 pounds. I have been stuck here for a couple of months now and decided to give Primal living a shot. I am hoping that living this lifestyle will help me shed and keep off the last 20 or so pounds of fat that I have left (I have a decent amount of lean muscle already from strength training). I started eating Primally a few days ago and I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel in a month!


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    Welcome, Cece. I hope primal goes well for you. If you have any problems, we will try to help.
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    Hi Cece! Congratulations on your transformation thus far! Amazing. I've only been primal for 5 weeks and love it.

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