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Thread: What's happened to this forum?

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    Obviously the first part of change is the desire to change, and for some people that desire is strong enough to implement changes and break habits. But, for some people, the "habits" are not psychological.

    I thought I was a lazy, depressed mess. No matter how I fought it, I couldn't break my "habits". Oh, until I went on medication for a hormonal imbalance, and found a woe that works for me The difference in myself is like day and night. I finally have the energy to be the person I've been fighting to be for all these years.

    If will power was all there was to it, I would have been that person a long time ago.
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    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

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    And let me tell you, in my experience, for most people willpower is in short supply.
    Well... that's where we differ the most. I think having a lower stress life in other aspects makes eating. I work 36 hours a week. I have plenty of time to cook and workout. I have no children at home whining for cheerios. I can go buy fresh organic blueberries, greek yogurt and local honey, throw in a few grass fed steaks and have money left over for CrossFit. Bored with steak? Buy some lamb or duck. Plus I'm a great cook.

    I think when you get to someone working 60-70 hours a week, throw in a kiddo or two, maybe less money so they get to eat ground beef and broccoli 6 nights a week on takes a lot more willpower to make a lifestyle change. Most of the people I know who can't make it stick either can't cook well, work a ton, have children or don't have the income.

    Honestly- it makes it easy to pass on picking up a pizza when you get off work at 4, have duck breast at home you are excited about cooking for only two people. A lot harder when you have 2 kids screaming for pizza, the same meat and veggies that they bitch about, and you are getting off of work at 7pm.
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    Very true Magnolia, although we have one kiddo our life is pretty mellow (Hubby gets home early and I don't work) compared to most families we know. I have friends where both parents work, kids have after school commitments, just generally hectic lives. It takes more than "willpower" to make big changes, I wouldn't dream of judging the choices these families make, I'd probably be a wreck if I lived their lives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thaijinx View Post
    I've been a member for a long while, but only pop back here occasionally these days. But I've noticed a real change in the type of responses that posters are getting these days. What's happened? Where has that lovely forum gone with thoughtful, well written answers to questions? Why all the sarcasm and pro-vegan veiled threads. This isn't the place it used to be!
    I've noticed this too. There has been more than one time I've posted a thread recently hoping to get some thoughtful responses and half the answers I get are sarcastic or silly and then the thread dies after 7-9 replies and I never actually get a worthwhile answer. It's disappointing.

    When I got on these boards a year ago I was just starting to journey towards more paleo living it was a great source for me. I don't think I could say the same about the forum today, which is is really a shame for those just coming to paleo and hoping to get their questions answered.

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    As to "willpower" - I'm sure there is some "will" involved, at least in making that move off the couch and away from the SAD diet. But to continue making a life change requires more than just "willpower" and people who break aren't necessarily just "lazy".

    In my own experience, for myself, the extent of my willpower has a lot to do with getting proper nourishment and rest. The more tired I am, the fewer calories I've been eating, the lower protein and/or nutrient density the more likely I am to cave and eat foods I know aren't healthy. At the same time, I've discovered that being overly legalistic about my food choices also makes me more likely to binge - like as soon as I "can't" have something, it's all I can think about eating, and I eventually cave and binge on it.

    Lately, and this is VERY recent for me, I've thrown out the rule book - even the paleo rule book, and I actually lost 3 lbs. this week! I started getting ready for bed each night around 8 by turning off all the lights except the TV - I avoided eating too much chocolate and drank lots of water and a few Sierra Mists. I even ate some gluten containing rolls *gasp* . . . but at all of my meals my only "rule" was to include a protein and some fruits or veggies. That was it. I was satisfied, didn't feel the urge to binge. I'm not going back to the paleo "rules" or trying to be diet perfect again. Just diet reasonable and focusing on whole foods and avoiding grains - but if I have some once a week, who cares? If I have a can of Sierra Mist? Fine.

    Who knows, in the future (as I continue to get better rest, and heal my malnutrition and stress) I may have even more "willpower" to eat even more strictly paleo, and then I will!
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