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Thread: Allergic to ...what?

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    Allergic to ...what?

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    I've always had a dairy intolerance. As an adult, I just pick and choose, a little cheese here and there etc..
    But, if I am really honest with myself, I don't particularly feel good after drinking Mark's Primal shake made with water nor when I put coconut creamer (the SO Delicious) brand in my coffee. I'm wondering if I have a bit of intolerance to coconut? Or maybe it is one of the ingredients such as Guar gum? Any ideas?

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    Could be coconut.
    It is common.
    I have a moderate intolerance with coconut and have to avoid for 3months .

    Pretty tough as its my number 1 cooking fat.

    I used alcat Europe testing to test my intolerances . Very interesting results

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    Mark's Primal Fuel is made with whey protein, which is from dairy. If you're very sensitive to dairy, any whey protein would likely not be a suitable protein source for you.
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    Only way to know is to deliberately test:

    Buy the most coconut only item you can... purest stuff with no additives (maybe even a real coconut!!!) and try that out vs. your guar gum stuff a few days with each. Any difference?

    Only way to figure this stuff out is to isolate variables, journal, and compare results. Kinda like a scientist here

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    I can't drink craft beer anymore (primarily wheat/Belgian). I am uncomfortable the next day even if I only have one or two.

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