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5 slices of cheese pizza
1/2 lb burger with French fries
Wedding cake
Wedding cupcake
A bread roll
Steak and vegetables
Dessert that I don't remember eating too much vodka
1/2 lb burger no bun and French fries
1 lava flow its a pina collada with strawberry topping
We were invited to an italian buffet 1 hour after our burgers... Bad idea
1 piece of pizza
Slice of coconut cake
2 more pieces of pizza
Pasta with cream sauce and parmesan
Few more small desserts like bite size pastries
2 margaritas

Sunday morning I was hung over and I was retaining water like crazy fat legs, fat ankles, and fat torso
The above would have done the same...especially without any physical activity.

No worse feeling than the bloat. I have always done it but Mark pointed out an intense gym/sweat session is a great start to getting over a cheat/binge.