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On other hand, antibiotics were used because the alternative may well have been to die.
Same here - the reason people died younger throughout much of recorded history was due to infections that couldn't be treated, not even with - sorry guys! - all the garlic, herbs, and so on in the world.

Like I said in another thread, the body has a natural method of dealing with any severe infection it can't heal by itself - death.

I totally support natural health and using as few pharmaceuticals as possible where effective alternatives exist, but sometimes you have to face the fact that bacteria are our natural predators, and all those sad little kids' gravestones in old cemetaries are mainly there for want of drugs we take for granted these days.

If a simple nutritional or herbal remedy existed that was as good as antibiotics in every single case, it would have been discovered long ago. Sometimes the garlic or the vinegar gargle will do the trick, but sometimes you just have to kill the predator in your body with modern methods, same as Grok discovering a spear was a safer hunting tool than a rock held in his bare hand.