I figured I ought to get around to making a journal, since I have a habit of forgetting what I looked like, how I ate, and my level of health after a year or so. It would certainly be helpful to have this written down somewhere.

Anyway, to the point:
My health isn't where I'd like it to be. I can't run a mile without getting horribly winded and I can't do more than one real push-up (chest to ground). I snack frequently, and I obsess over calories and nutrition, especially with overeating, since I was anorexic a few years back and the same mentality is still lingering. Until 7/23/2013 I was vegan, the kind who ate everything packaged, be it frozen or boxed, and lived off of carbs. I had cut out non-fruit sugars as well as most grains three weeks prior, though.

I want to get good sleep every night and not eat constantly. I also want to eat enough, but I don't know what is too little or too much. I want to be able to do fifty push-ups in a row, and run a mile in under ten minutes without dying inside. I want to have great concentration and energy all the time so I can focus on my schoolwork, even though I got top grades last year despite being a zombie who was out of energy just by going up two flights of stairs. I'd also like to lose some body fat and gain a lot more muscle, but I don't want to focus on losing body fat right now because I worry that I'll end up stressing myself out and starving on purpose, or eating too little, or something along those lines. So I'm focusing on building muscle and improving mental/physical health for now, and will work on fat % later if need be. I'm only at 20% body fat, and purposefully trying to get that lower right now will probably backfire miserably for my mental health.

My father is also Primal now. He started the same day as me, though his goals are mostly body fat oriented as far as I know. My sister isn't, but she only eats organic poptarts or something here, so it's not like there's any conflict with meals. My stepmother isn't primal (she's currently SAD, with lots of whole-wheat). She might switch over eventually, though, once it shows results. It would be nice if everyone ate the same stuff, since then I could cook the same dinner for everyone. I rather like cooking.


Breakfast: can of wild Alaskan salmon (the kind with the bones in it, which I found out when I opened it), olive oil, turmeric, two slices of turkey bacon
Lunch: skipped
Snack(s): full-fat, organic, grass-fed yogurt with frozen wild blueberries (I like those more than fresh because they remind me of fresh-picked berries more than store-bought fresh ones), and almond/coconut oil butter. Lots of it. (That stuff is evil, I tell you. I need to stop making it.) Four or five macadamia nuts.
Dinner: 1 slice meatza (4 oz 85% lean grass-fed beef, 1/4 egg, spices, olive oil, feta, raw grass-fed organic white cheddar, Applegate Farms uncured pepperoni)
Dessert: 1 square 99% dark chocolate from World Market (1/8 bar I think, only like 50 calories)
Tea: Republic of Tea valerian root tea with unsweetend vanilla coconut milk

Workout: not much, 55 minute walk on treadmill. Covered about 2.2 miles. Wore vibrams seeya LS. Listened to a podcast, read fifty pages of The Invisible Man. Considered moving the Xbox upstairs so I could multitask and play video games while walking. It would certainly keep me from sitting down for too long. (Plus I could pretend that I'm the person walking endlessly through Skyrim while over-encumbered just to sell some junk I decided to hoard.)

Other activities: bought another pair of vibrams (because my normal shoes are starting to feel really weird), went out in the hot Texas sun for twenty minutes, no sunscreen, without burning (my record is 1.5 hours, which was on Sunday--actually got a bit of a tan, my legs are no longer the shade of a drained corpse), spent too much time lurking on this forum, almost finished my last summer assignment for classes this coming year, and reorganized the pantry and fridge a tiny bit because someone put stuff in the wrong places (seriously can no one put things back where they belong, I don't care that you use one item a lot and you want to put it on a specific shelf in front of everything else, that's not where it goes, it's where I put it for a reason).

I'd like to commend anyone who actually read all this. Today's entry will come either after dinner or tomorrow morning.