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    Partial Primal Gets the Numbers Down

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    Doc put me on the statin treadmill about 6 years ago, but even medicated my cholesterol totals were usually up around 300. Back in January I made some fairly consistent changes in my diet based on the guidelines I read here on MDA. Nothing like 100% adherence, but I avoid grains, legumes, processed foods and bad fats/oils. I try to stick to fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. I eat a lot of chicken and salmon.

    For 6 months I took crap from my children, spouse and mother about my bacon and egg breakfast 3 times a week. "That's going to kill you!" (As my mother was coating a head of cauliflower with a cup of Hellman's...ugh!!!)

    Had a check-up at the doctor yesterday:

    Total Cholesterol: 138
    LDL: 67
    HDL: 47

    Cut my statin dose in half.

    Hoping to ditch the rest of the meds by December. Time to increase the exercise routines!

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    Frighteningly low numbers. Statin-induced for sure!

    Knifegill is christened to be high carb now!
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