So tonight I went to see the new Woody Allen film with my friend which was great and I highly recommend it. Cate Blanchet was amazing and I am sure she will be nominated for an Oscar. My friend ordered this super large popcorn. Normally, I would have eaten tons of it, but I actually felt pretty grossed out by it - all the GMOs, the transfat, the bad oil, all the carbs, and I didn't have one single bite. I didn't even feel tempted. I was completely shocked at how much I really did not want to eat it.

Then we went to this restaurant and it was amazing. They had grass-fed burgers and were offering lettuce wraps right on the menu. I LOVE when I don't have to try to explain what a lettuce wrap is and get confused looks and blank stares. And instead of fries, I got sautéed vegetables.

After that, we went to this frozen yogurt place. Maybe not the greatest because of all the sugar but I feel like I made really good choices. Normally, I would have gotten an extra large and loaded it up with candy toppings, but instead, I got a super small one and just put a little fresh strawberry and banana on it and a few chocolate chips.

I am feeling really good about myself and just wanted to share.