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Thread: Working out when you don't like to work out?

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    Working out when you don't like to work out?

    I'm still new to all of this and working out hasn't become much easier. I've done some tapes ( no fun ) and I've done my own thing in my house and its just not enjoyable to me. I honestly don't have much desire to work out will it come if I continue to eat healthy from getting more energy or something?

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    Diet is the more important .
    I would say 75% to 25% exercise.

    If Your diet is dialled more important and just enjoy long walks .

    Old Saying 'you are what you eat' .

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    You might do better with a workout buddy or personal trainer to get/keep you motivated.

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    Honestly, I will never understand the gym thing or "working out." Do something fun instead. Isn't there ANYTHING physical you enjoy? Walking outside? Swimming?
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    Honestly, I will never understand the gym thing or "working out."
    What?! Trying to move heavier and heavier weight is super fun. Having a lifting buddy cheering for you as you grind out one more tough rep is one of the greatest feelings on earth. You should try it!

    Quote Originally Posted by loafingcactus View Post
    Do something fun instead. Isn't there ANYTHING physical you enjoy? Walking outside? Swimming?
    Now this I agree with. Walking outside, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, flying a kite. Something where you don't feel like you're "exercising" (gross).

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    Overall, if it's not fun, it will likely to do more harm than good.

    It seems that the common theme of your activities was doing it on your own and indoors. Have you considered a game outdoors or a class? A lot of people find it easier to start in a group. I went from working out at home, to participating and teaching classes, and finally back to working out on my own. Now, I started taking a class again.

    If you do not feel energy surplus/elation after an activity, that's a bad sign. Usually, moving about particularly outdoors gives a surge of energy.
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    This is just like me. I am not motivated to do things by myself. Luckily I have a dog who NEEDS exercise, so she keeps me walking daily. I wander around the house and do lunges or squats sometimes. The best thing for me has been to join a yoga studio. It's non-competitive, I've seen the changes in my body from going to class, I'm PAYING for the class so I NEED to go, and once I'm there, I TRY because someone is walking me through the steps. I've never set foot in a gym, I have no idea what to do there. My advice would be to try a class, Groupon has them for various activities. Go for some walks, maybe get a jump rope and jump for 3-5 minutes every other day, and call it good. As someone else said, diet is more important.

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    Start with something relatively easy that you don't absolutely despise so that you can stick with it. And stick with it. You'll start to enjoy it more as you become more physically fit. Then you can start doing more challenging things and progress that way.

    When I first started exercising, I hated it as well. There was also nothing physical that I enjoyed. Absolutely nothing. I didn't even like walking outside. I was so out of shape that I started out by doing 20 minutes on the elliptical (and 5 of those 20 minutes was the cool down on the machine so with barely any resistance at all), and that was all I could handle. During the 15 minutes of real work, I'd be out of breath and even light-headed at times. Thinking back on it, I have no idea how I lived so many years of my life in such poor shape. Anyway, I worked my way up, time-wise, gradually until I was doing 45-50 minutes. Then I started running too. (Yeah, I did cardio exclusively for a long time. I didn't know anything about fitness and had to start somewhere. Cardio was where I started, and, trust me, it was way better than sitting on the couch.)

    And here I am, 7 years later, and I am completely addicted to working out. It's the most important and enjoyable part of my day!

    I'm about to move back to CA, and a couple weeks ago, I was chatting with my college bf online about the rental market in the Bay Area. I mentioned that I needed to move next to a crossfit box. He told me that it kinda blows his mind that I'm into crossfit now cuz he remembers me as someone who hates all physical activity.

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    Just do it, make it a regular habit and you will start to love training and exercising! And after a while you will feel bad if missing a workout...
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    Set incremental goals for yourself. This way you will reach new accomplishments and will feel like you're progressing.

    What you don't want to do is just "exercise", mindlessly do whatever motions just because you feel you have to.

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