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Thread: Working out when you don't like to work out?

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    I like kettlebells for when I just can't stand the thought of lunges and squats in my bedroom. I have one decent weight one - 20lbs and I'm slowly increasing my kettlebell swing reps every few days along with running etc. BUT if I really can't be arsed I'll do 3mins of kettlebell swings.. because if you do them correctly (SEE HELP AND ADVICE HERE) you can improve fast. I reckon it's always possible to do 3mins of swings... and if it truly sucks.. well, it's just 3 mins! good luck, I'd love to know what you think!

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    I never had motivation to work out at home, even with the best intentions. I prefer a gym environment, and now that I started properly weight training with compound lifts, I LOVE it.

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    there must be something,
    as a kid riding a bike,
    running thru the woods chasing frogs in streams,
    find that fun something and don't take it seriously,
    ride in cutoffs on an old fashion sit up or modern tourer, no fancy bike shorts or flashy jerseys,
    go play ice hockey with your brother, pick up game,
    take a walk thru the park,
    get moving,
    slowly at first, when you're ready you step up a little quicker, or further.
    at it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kj94 View Post
    I'm still new to all of this and working out hasn't become much easier. I've done some tapes ( no fun ) and I've done my own thing in my house and its just not enjoyable to me. I honestly don't have much desire to work out will it come if I continue to eat healthy from getting more energy or something?
    Maybe, but certainly not every day. You can minimize this by picking an activity that you find fun or get a lot of satisfaction out of. Identifying this activity can be a lot of fun, as you try a bunch of new stuff that you may have never even considered. You may even find a number of activities you can do that will offer you variety throughout the year.

    Having said that, I think everyone has those days where they'd rather not workout. I think most people just push through them, and get it done. Getting and staying in shape can really suck sometimes, but if you're serious about it, you get it done, and once it's over you'll be really glad you did it. If you find you never want to workout, you really need to look into finding a different activity.

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    Yoga is good and cardio exercise is also good for home exercise.

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